Renewable Electricity Certificates

The International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) is a global operational electricity environmental attribute tracking system. I-RECs allow all electricity users to make a conscious and evidence-based choice for renewable electricity, in any country around the world. I-REC certificates have been referenced as meeting the RE100 and CDP requirements and provided key quality references for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.


Climate Bridge has been one of the main active players in the I-REC market since 2016. We have developed a pipeline of I-REC projects in China. The technologies of these I-REC projects lie in Wind, Hydro and Solar. The projects cover all the power grids of China.



Project Name


Beijing Guanting Windfarm


Guangxi Qiuping Wind Farm Project


Three Gorges New Energy Jiuquan Co., Ltd. Guazhou 100MW Solar Power Project


Gansu Ganzhou District Nantan Phase I 50MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Project


Photos of Cases

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